N Animal Name in Hindi and English with Pictures

Are you a fan of animals and wondering what kind of creatures begin with the letter “N”? Look no further! This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to animals that start with the letter “N.” From the tiny Numbat to the mighty Nile crocodile, we’ve got you covered.


The letter “N” is not one of the most common letters in the alphabet, but there are still plenty of animals that start with it. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most fascinating creatures that start with the letter “N.”

1. Numbat

The Numbat is a small marsupial that is native to Western Australia. It is also known as the banded anteater due to its distinctive markings. The Numbat feeds almost exclusively on termites and has a long sticky tongue that it uses to catch its prey.

2. Narwhal

The Narwhal is a medium-sized toothed whale that is found in the Arctic Ocean. It is known for its long, spiraled tusk which is actually a tooth that grows out of its upper lip. The Narwhal’s tusk can grow up to 9 feet in length and is used for a variety of purposes including hunting and communication.

3. Nudibranch

The Nudibranch is a type of sea slug that is found in oceans all over the world. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and are known for their beautiful and intricate patterns. Nudibranchs are often used as indicators of the health of an ecosystem, as they are very sensitive to changes in their environment.

4. Nightingale

The Nightingale is a small bird that is found in Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is known for its beautiful song which has been the subject of many poems and songs over the years. The Nightingale is also famous for its ability to sing at night, hence its name.

5. Nile Crocodile

The Nile Crocodile is a large and powerful crocodile that is found throughout much of Africa. It is one of the largest crocodile species in the world and can grow up to 20 feet in length. The Nile Crocodile is a top predator in its ecosystem and is known for its aggressive nature.

6. Nene

The Nene is a type of goose that is native to Hawaii. It is also known as the Hawaiian Goose and is the state bird of Hawaii. The Nene is an endangered species and is one of the rarest geese in the world.

7. Newt

The Newt is a type of salamander that is found all over the world. They come in a wide variety of colors and are often kept as pets. Newts are known for their ability to regenerate lost limbs, which is a unique trait among vertebrates.

8. Nutria

The Nutria is a large rodent that is native to South America. It has been introduced to other parts of the world, including North America and Europe, where it is considered an invasive species. Nutrias are known for their large front teeth and their ability to construct complex burrow systems.

9. Nautilus

The Nautilus is a type of cephalopod that is found in the deep waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. It is known for its distinctive shell, which has a series of chambers that the Nautilus can fill with gas to control its buoyancy. The Nautilus is often considered a living fossil, as it has remained relatively unchanged for millions of years.

10. Northern Gannet

The Northern Gannet is a large seabird that is found in the North Atlantic. It is known for its striking white plumage and distinctive yellow head. Northern Gannets are excellent divers and can dive up to 60 feet underwater to catch fish.

11. Numbfish

The Numbfish is a type of ray that is found in the waters around Australia and New Zealand. It is also known as the Coffin Ray due to its distinctive coffin-shaped body. Numbfish are known for their venomous spines, which can cause numbness and paralysis in humans.

12. Northern Fur Seal

The Northern Fur Seal is a large and highly social seal that is found in the North Pacific. It is known for its thick fur, which was once highly valued by hunters. Northern Fur Seals are now protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

13. Namaqua Chameleon

The Namaqua Chameleon is a type of chameleon that is found in Southern Africa. It is known for its ability to change color, which it uses to regulate its body temperature and to communicate with other chameleons.

14. Narrow-Headed Softshell Turtle

The Narrow-Headed Softshell Turtle is a large freshwater turtle that is found in rivers and lakes in North America. It is known for its distinctive elongated snout and soft, leathery shell.

15. Nilgai

The Nilgai is a large antelope that is native to India and Nepal. It is also known as the Blue Bull due to its distinctive blue-gray coloration. Nilgais are known for their impressive size and strength, and are often hunted for their meat and hides.


From the tiny Numbat to the mighty Nile crocodile, animals that start with the letter “N” come in all shapes and sizes. Each of the animals on this list is unique and fascinating in its own way, and we hope that this article has inspired you to learn more about these amazing creatures.


  1. Are Numbats endangered?
    • Yes, Numbats are considered endangered due to habitat loss and predation by feral cats and foxes.
  2. Can Narwhals live in warm water?
    • No, Narwhals are adapted to life in the cold Arctic waters and cannot survive in warmer climates.
  3. What is the average lifespan of a Nightingale?
    • Nightingales typically live for around 2-3 years in the wild.
  4. Are Nutrias harmful to humans?
    • While Nutrias are not generally considered dangerous to humans, they can cause damage to crops and waterways.
  5. How fast can Northern Gannets fly?
    • Northern Gannets can fly at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.

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